C’raad ta’n Ree? (Where is the King?)

According to Shaping the Shape-Shifter: Cultural Revival, Spirituality & the Manx Manannan by Breesha Maddrell:

‘C’raad ta’n Ree?’, a song which describes who Manannan was, was collected by Mona Douglas from Mrs Shimmin of Foxdale in 1921. Both this song and ‘Manannan beg mac y lir’ are sung frequently by children and adults as part of the living tradition.

The phonetics were transcribed by Treasa Ní Chonchobhair and are based on Ashley Davis’ song Mannanan (from her album, Down by the Sea). Any mistakes belong to Treasa. A version of C’raad ta’n Ree is featured in our video on Paying the Rents to Manannán, performed by the Manx band Skeeal:


Gaelg (Manx) Phonetics Baarle (English)
C’raad ta’n Ree?
T’eh er’n cheet veih Flaunys.
Harrish y cheayn dys mullagh Varrool.
Crehd tan Ree
T’ern cheet voll Flau-nish
Hair-rish e heen dis mull-achk Vah-rule
Where’s the King?
He has come from Flaunys.
Over the sea to the top o’ Barrool.
C’red t’eh jannoo?
T’eh jeeaghyn my heear.
Soie fo chay er mullagh Varrool.
Crehd teh jan-noo
Teh jee-haun my hear
Soy fo hay er mull-achk Vah-rule
What’s he doing?
He’s looking behind him.
Sitting under mist on top o’ Barrool.
Quoi ta’n Ree?
Ta’n Ree Mannanan.
Ta cashtal echey er mullagh Varrool.
Koi tan Ree
Tan Ree Mawn-ah-naw-nan
Tah cashal eh-hey er mull-achk Vah-rule
Who’s the King?
The King’s Mannanan.
He has a castle on top o’ Barrool.