Bring Back Manannán mac Lir

On Wednesday, January 21st 2015, news emerged that a statue of Manannán mac Lir, which stood on the top of Binevenagh Mountain, near Limavady in Co. Derry, had been stolen. The motive for the theft appears to have been religious, since a large wooden cross with the words of the first commandment from the Bible had been inscribed on it – “You shall have no other gods before me.”

This terrible act of desecration has prompted an outcry on a truly global scale, and Gaol Naofa joins with the many people, of all different faiths (or none), who are appalled by this senseless and cowardly act, and wish to offer our support as the search for the statue. We have created some memes and a video to share and help keep this story in the public consciousness as the search continues, which we’ve collated here. Please feel free to share these images, along with any articles, photos, and anything else you can find! We recommend you join the Bring Back Manannán mac Lir the Sea God page on Facebook for more information.

Note: This permission is for sharing on social media. If possible, we appreciate credit and links back to this page, or to any of the work we’ve done in the search for justice for Manannán. Per usual, normal human decency applies – we do not support any usage that involves plagiarism. We do not grant permission for these to be used in derivative works without the express, written permission of the artists and authors.

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Where is Manannán? on Gaol Naofa’s Youtube Channel.

Have You Seen Me?

Have You Seen Me?
Photo copyright Neil Maroney, used with permission. 

 C'raad Ta'n Ree? C'raad ta'n Ree?

C’raad ta’n Ree? (lighter and darker versions)
Photo copyright David Wright, used with permission

A Mhanannáin, We Call To You
Photo copyright Stephen Wallace for Hibernia Landscapes
Song by Kathryn Price NicDhàna

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