An Fheile Bheag (by Tomás Flannabhra)

“The Little Feast” – this ritual is an adaption of the Beltane ritual described in George Henderson’s Survivals in Belief Amongst the Celts (pg. 262).

Each person participating in the rite should bring something to contribute to the feast afterwards.

Cut a square trench into the earth and in it light a small fire of turf or wood.

Begin with recognition of the Three Realms:

The blue sky above,
the grey sea about,
the green earth below,
their blessings here today.

Offer a prayer to the local goddess or to Anu. You may say something like:

A Mháthair Mhór Éireannach,
Great mother of the people,
from who the gods descend,
flame of sustaining,
may you look upon our rite kindly,
Shining Anu.

Give welcome to the ancestors, gods, and good-folk to the place:

We welcome the Mighty Three,
Excellent Patrons, Hosts, and Ancestors,
to our warm fire here today.

After extending invitations to the Three, offer a libation of caudle or ale to the earth beside the fire.

A basket or plate of oatmeal cakes or small bannocks is then brought out with each participant taking one for themselves. Facing the fire, each person breaks a piece of cake off and throws it over the shoulders or into the fire accompanied with a prayer to the ancestors, then the gods, then the Good Folk, followed by six more deities or spirits one wishes to honor (nine in total). You may say something like:

This I give to thee, a dheithe, may your blessings be upon my roads.

After all have made their offerings and prayers, partake in a small feast, perhaps leaving some more food aside for the spirits of the place.