Cultural and spiritual gatherings are a welcome time to celebrate and hold reunions with distant family and friends. These gatherings also bring the opportunity to meet new people. Whichever kind of gatherings you attend, you may find yourself wishing you knew what to say in response to some of the questions that may arise about Gaelic Polytheism. Or, less fun, you may encounter some people who have misconceptions about Gaelic and Celtic traditions. Worse, you may cross paths with some exploiters. While we don’t like to dwell on the latter sort, unfortunately, dispelling misinformation is a necessary part of cultural preservation. Our cultures – languages, music, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies – cannot be preserved if misinformation is allowed to take the place of authentic ways.

So, to this end, we have prepared a small collection of materials, which can be utilized in person as well as on social media. We have a leaflet on Gaelic Polytheism and Gaol Naofa in particular (since we are only speaking for our particular tradition of Gaelic Polytheism), as well as some flyers about how to spot offensive vs. authentic practices.

We’ve provided these in a handful of formats: three visual options for each, plus printable pdfs (note there are versions for both sizes of standard paper, for both sides of the pond). Like with the Gaol Naofa tri-fold leaflet, these can be printed on the front and back of a sheet of paper.


Leaflets and Memes

Introductory Leaflet about Gaol Naofa and Gaelic Polytheism

A Brief Guide to Spotting Offensive Celtic Ceremonies

A Brief Guide to Recognizing Authentic, Respectful, Celtic Traditions

Bring Back Manannán Mac Lir