New Article: History, Myth and Genocide: Real and Imagined; Or, The Pagan Problem with Patrick

April 9, 2015

Although it’s been heartening to see that (for the most part) there has been very little of the “black armband/All Snakes Day” crowd in recent years, there are still undoubtedly a lot of misconceptions that abound whenever the subject of St Patrick, and St Patrick’s Day, comes up. This was especially evident in the rather ignorant comments made by (thankfully a minority of) people about “finishing what Patrick started” following the theft and destruction of the Irish Manannán Mac Lir statue in February this year. As such, we feel that there’s still very much a need to dispel these misconceptions and present a more factual view of Patrick and just what, exactly, he might be held accountable for…

Although we’re a little past the usual March madness that reaches a fever pitch as St Patrick’s Day approaches, we feel that this latest article from Sionnach Gorm, History, Myth and Genocide: Real and Imagined; Or, The Pagan Problem with Patrick, addresses some really important stuff that goes beyond the usual topics that are explored when his name comes up.

This is the final component of Sionnach Gorm’s “St. Patrick’s Day Trilogy,” the first part of which can be read at his blog post, Leprechaun Vomit… or why I hate St. Patty’s, and the second part can be found here on the Gaol Naofa site, at Pagans, Polytheists, and St Patrick’s Day.

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