Ceol (Music)

Just a little over a hundred years ago, daily life in the Gaelic lands was suffused with folk and work songs. People sang as they spun wool, fished, waulked fabric, cooked and baked, gathered seaweed, churned butter, washed clothes, et cetera. It is our wish to dive into that current of tradition and help it continue to flow. As reconstructionists, we take our cues from the surviving evidence that we have at hand, and so we see many of the charms, prayers, runes and songs as being helpful in developing our own daily practices. We are currently working at collecting a good many of these here to better aid others in building up their practices, so expect this section to grow.

Many of the songs listed here have been used in the videos we’ve produced for our Youtube channel, and we will be compiling them into playlists soon.

Gaeilge (Irish) Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) Gaelg (Manx)